Artst Spells New Online Community for Artists

February 24, 2009

artst-guild-galleryBacked by Pharrell, a new online community is born which caters to artists of all trades.  Artst is a social networking site where users can share, view, and discuss art of all mediums.  Anything from architecture, writing, videos, music and much much more, artists can put their work up on display.  This is your one stop shop for all things in fashion, art, culture and music.  Wish to share your passion for art with others or just like to view and comment on others original works of art, check out this growing community.


“Hope” Artist Arrested

February 7, 2009

obama_hopeStreet artist Shepard Fairey, most recently known for his “Hope” posters of President Obama was arrested.  In Boston, for a kickoff of his first solo exhibit, “Supply and Demand”, Fairey was arrested on warrants of tagging public property with graffiti.  The warrants were issued based on graffiti that was done very early on in his career.  Widely popular for his Andre the Giant Has a Posse campaign which spurred the Obey clothing line, Fairey has been arrested several times throughout his career for his art on public buildings and property.  The Obama image was used by Time magazine on its cover when it named Obama its “Person Of The Year.”