Late Night With The Roots

February 24, 2009


In stranger than fiction news, The Roots has been slated to become the house band when Jimmy Fallon hits the air on March 2nd.  First, stated in an online video which was quickly taken off the air, ?uestlove remarked on his old age and their band’s desire to find a steady gig.  The announcement was further confirmed by Jimmy Fallon on his blog.  The band – most in their late 30s – are looking forward to living like “normal men,” as ?uestlove says.  Although not a complete announcement of retirement, The Roots, known for their extensive touring, will definitely be putting their road show on hiatus.


SuperBowl of Commercials

February 3, 2009

Super Bowl Ads

Did you miss Danica Patrick in the shower or the cute and cuddly koala repeatedly getting punched in the face, or some astronauts getting down on the moon.  If you did, you can see what you missed out on here.  Oh yeah, and the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals 27-23.